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Relive your Carnivial experience

After attending carnival multiple times a year, I got frustrated with trying to find a solution to bring my large backpack home.  After searching, I was told a "garbage or garment bag" was my only option.  It never quite did the trick.  I created the Carnival Capsule to give all masqueraders a convenient way to travel with their costumes.  You can collect your duty-free, souvenirs, and food hands-free!  Store your costume at home with ease.  We wait all year to year to play mas.  Why shouldn't we bring our costumes home!

Tamara. B

Owner, Creator, and Patent holder of Carnival Capsule


Instagram comments 

Hey Sis!  Im going to Carnival this year.  How did you get your backpack back home without it being damaged???
How did she get her whole costume home tho?
I have no clue how you keep your costume so intact..
Can someone please let me know how y'all be transporting these large backpacks back home 
Yo how do y'all costume stay in tact my s***t be broken in pieces
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